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Mariva Zacharof is a dynamic visual artist of Greek origin, who is nationally and internationally awarded.
She develops a visual language by using expressionist drawing, installation and mixed media in order to  depict human issues, which concern all of us. Her work has a strong sense of humor, sweetness and intensity.
Mariva Zacharof was born in Athens, Greece in 25/02/1978. Raised in Liege of Belgium and studied Fine Arts in Great Britain. Currently lives and works in Athens, Greece.
She received B.A Hons., in Fine Arts from the School of Art and Design of the University of Wales Institute, Cardiff, UK. 
She is a member of the Hellenic Art Chamber of Commerce, of “DESTE” Foundation and part of its Archive for the Contemporary Greek Artists, Athens, Greece. Her work is also part of the Archive of The Greek Artists of EMST (The National Museum of Contemporary Art), Athens, Greece. In 2010 her work was published in the annual book “Best of Worldwide Mixed Media Artists Volume I – K-Z”, by Kennedy Publishing US.
In 2003 she received a Two-year Scholarship from The Schilizzi Foundation, UK and in 2004 an award followed by stipend for an Art Project from The Sidney Perry Foundation, UK.
On November 2008 she had her first Solo exhibition, “Childhood Dreams”. Since, she takes part in many group exhibitions in Greece. On June 2011 she took part in the International Biennale of Collage in
Belgrade, Serbia. In the year 2012 represented Greece in the 5th International Beijing Biennale, China. In the year 2013 she took part in the X-Border Biennial between Lulea, Rovaniemi and Severomorsk. She exhibits in International Art Festivals in Greece, USA, the Netherlands, and UK.


Via this performance I wish to depict anxiety and how it relates to contemporary times and becomes a burden in people’s lives.
The audience can stand as they wish from certain distance from the lights due to safety reasons. My main aim through this performance is to evoke the audience notion around the problems that anxiety can cause to the inner self. It is certainly not a creative feeling and can trigger a lot of harm, mental and physical if let untreated. If anxiety grows inside the person, this negative feeling can lead to panic attacks and irrational thinking. Serenity of the inner self is the key for a successful living. Unfortunately due to the
contemporary ways of living, the deadlines, the constant timing and framing of people, the fast consuming of bad quality food, the standard logic that leads to a sloppy thinking, individuals, especially those of
Western societies, cannot think and act clearly.
People need to break the barriers, develop respect for each other, and step back from the situations in order to see them openly.


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