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The subject of 2020


The international biennale of the Sphinx, setting the bar for modern spiritual exploration this year, diligently exploring the foundations of human meaning and impasses in the identity of the human being-culture, proposes, through a multifaceted artistic international call, the artistic quest: ANTGONE - LIMITS AND BORDERS, seeking to investigate the boundaries of modern incarceration, on the question posed by the person of the mythical Antigone, princess of Thebes, in the homonymy tragedy. What we want is to examine the broader concept of incarceration, as a social and cultural situation, its speech and texts, violence and hateful rules, its identity mechanics, surveillance and punishments in the modern world.


The Biennale, which will take place in October from the 2nd to the 7th of 2020, will feature artists from around the world, the student community, refugees, imprisoned people, and audiences right in the context of osmosis the old with the modern, the familiar and the different.




Artists are invited to propose up to 3 works that are relevant to the above subject, in painting, sculpture, installations, multimedia, performances or any other genre that approaches the subject creatively. Important elements that are considered are both originality of expression as well as philosophical meaning that give new dimension to the above reflection. There is no size limit.


Artists’ proposals should be sent to the following email address by the 30th of June, 2020. Each artist can propose one to two projects.  The cost of examining the proposal is € 40 and must be deposited in the Biennale’s bank account.  The proof of deposit must be accompanied by the proposal. Selected artists’ works will be announced in July via e-mail as well as on the official site.


To qualify for participation you will need:

• 1 - 3 project images of every work  (at least 1000X1000px / jpg format).

• Dimentions of every work 

• Description - abstract of up to 150 words (doc, pdf). It is important to document the relevance of the project to the topic.

• The kind of infrastructure that may be needed.

• Proof of bank account deposit.


After selection,  we will request:

• Address - contact details.

• Short CV of up to 150 words (doc, pdf)

• Personal photo


The artists that will be selected are responsible for sending their work(s) to the Biennale organizing committee no later than 12 days before the exhibition begins, that is until September 21st , 2020.

>>>See more about the participation terms


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